Λrchitect / 3d Designer / Creative Director of RVΛRQ

I founded RVArq in 2003, initially as a hobbie, outcome of seeking a way of representation for my architectural projects.
I recognize that I have been passionate about architectural visualization, and the way it stimulates the feelings, awakens the senses and imagination for the architectural design.
I’ve been exploring current representation systems for architecture projects, finding different graphic and virtual communications, I’ve decided to give higher interest to the who better maximize the ideas and show up at the smallest detail.
The 3D graphics for Architecture Visualization, and as such, the 3d renders photomontages, and animations, are the main services that I offer from RVArq, to architects, designers and urban planners, and anyone who enjoy the pleasure of being let your imagination and creativity, and required of these representations to generate a visual impact of your project.
Currently I’m full dedicated into a continuous study and assimilation of new technologies and techniques of Real-Time Rendering, in order to improve the quality and reach of services that from RVArq I can offer.

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