What we can offer?

RVArq provides services of 3d Architectural Visualization, ensuring generate a visual impact of your project not yet built.

Sales strategies, study and market positioning, and a good promotion and advertising campaign of the architectural project, is unthinkable without an efficient visual communication.

Today it is necessary to initiate a series of presentations and marketing campaign, before getting life to the architecture project, technology and communications advance for the benefit of these presentations, and marketing that are allowed through websites, networks social and specialized blogs, featuring 3d images and 3d Animations, it is essential to achieve the purpose of surprising and convincing.

To achieve this objective, from RVArq we offer the following services:

What Clients think about our Services?

“Nicolas is as skilled and expedient as any 3D visualization designer on the market. I’ve worked with him on a number of challenging projects that required him to interpret very specific yet abstract requests for content and he always came through with exactly the right effects in response. He is creative, proactive, and will take on your project with as much pride and urgency as if it was his own.”

Showcase: Video 2013 07

“I found RVArq while researching rendering for a local city infrastructure project. Nicolas was able to quickly complete complex renderings for us using incomplete and often conflicting information. It was not an easy task, yet the quality of the work was exemplary. Because of Nicolas’ architectural background, he was able to provide creative solutions to several unresolved conditions to improve our design. The refined animations he provided were absolutely crucial to our proposal and overwhelming successful in providing a clear picture of the work.”

Showcase: Video 2014 11

“The service and 3D work of RVArq is very professional and quality. The result left us satisfied, meeting expectations and deadlines. Communication, willingness and commitment to the demands of the requested work, is something that is appreciated. We have shown repeatedly the 3D work made by RVArq, always getting a very good reception. It has been a very helpful tool for our purposes. We’ll definitely collaborate again with RVArq.”

Showcase: Video 2013 08

“I contact with RVArq through the web and I have only words of appreciation, because he was greatly involved in my project, performed a flawless work, providing great ideas that eventually turned extremely positive, very professional and on time. Thanks Nicolas.”

Showcase: Video 2014 10

Some RVArq Key Points?

1 or 2 renders, or a complete 3d Presentation?

From RVArq we’re committed and we always recommend to developing for each project a complete Architectural Visualization for the same Price and Deadlines for which you’re used to pay to traditional ArchViz Studies for only a couple of renders or some photomontage.

If you are looking for push the richness of your Architectural Project, showing it from all angles, interacting with day and night lighting, we’ll recommend an entire 3d Presentation with at least 10 renders for day and 10 more for night lighting in addition to a 3D animation in HD.

Why is it necessary a 3d Video Animation?

With the Video Sharing Websites as Vimeo or Youtube, and the way this 3d Animation can be embed in your web page or share it by online social media networking, as Facebook or Linkedin, the impact is generated with a 3d presentation, you’ll highlight reliably in the harsh market competition, attention, victory and success will be insured. 

Your clients, whether be real estate developers, private institutions or public agencies, will experience a professional presentation as never before ever lived.

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Finally, Why should you choose RVArq?

First of all, before a Visualization Studio, we’re Architects. Over the last 12 years we have developed more than 500 ArchViz and over 100 3d animations for the 6 years we have been doing it. You can have all the trust and confidence that we’ve the enough experience to know how to develop your project and strengthen your idea. We always try to lend a hand for you and always find facilities to see changes or variables in the project, either 3D modeling or for textures and materials. If thanks to 3d, you can reach a more optimal and efficient design, it’s mostly a success for us.

Expertise & Skills

Architectural Design
3d Modelling and Texturing
Illumination and Render
3d Walkthrough
Virtual Reality Presentations
Postproduction and Editing

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