beneficioso Infografía 3d Arquitectura

The 3d Architectural Visualization is a computer graphics creation technology, which allows to generate 3d renderings and 3d walkthroughs with photorealistic quality that generate a beneficial visual impact of an architecture project not yet built.

Being a tool already widely used by Architecture Studios and Real Estate Developers, as well as Studies of Urban Planning, Landscaping, Engineering, Interior Design and Stand Design.

Also known as ArchViz, it consists in the process of moving from a technical drawing in 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions, when modeling that project in 3d, assigning materials and textures, simulating real lighting conditions, defining camera blur effects Photographic or depth of field.

With the placement of urban furniture, landscaping and trees, people and cars, it is possible to create a 3D environment as similar as possible to reality, to finally generate a photorealistic image that allows visualizing the design that the architect or professional wants to communicate.

As one of the greatest benefits of 3D Visualization for Architecture, first of all, it would be to improve the productivity at work, because it allows you to easily study the geometry and shapes of the architecture project, and in consequently, demonstrate reliably if a design idea is viable, or if, on the contrary, it requires some adjustment or a completely different approach.

Another interesting point to highlight of the 3d Architectural Visualization, would be the improvement of the coordination between the architect and the different disciplines, as well as the choice of construction materials and finishes.

During the work process where the 3d modeling is done, images can be provided prior to the final delivery of the 3d visualization, which allow the partial visualization of the project and, therefore, the realization of modifications in the design seeking to optimize times and resources, and managing to anticipate aesthetic and constructive decisions in advance of the time of the work or construction.

Similarly, the composition and combination of materials and finishes, through the use of high resolution textures, allows tests and variations to be made that enrich the final result of the architectural project.

Another advantage to highlight is the possibility of carrying out a Sunning Studio, when a 3d model is geolocated on the plot and with the orientation of the North is available, the solar incidence or the entry of the sun in indoor environments or outdoor spaces that provide a 3d visualization of the building where it is sought to reach the hygrothermal comfort, and therefore improve the Bioclimatic Architecture of the project.

RVARQ · Creative Studio of Architectural Visualization

We are a Creative Studio of Architectural Visualization with extensive experience in the field of Real Estate Development, we offer services of 3d Renderings, 3d Walkthrough and Virtual Reality.

We have developed more than 600 3d ArchViz projects since 2003, and since 2012 more than 180 3d animations (click here to access our channel on Vimeo).

Formed by Architects passionate about good design, thorough in detail, in compliance with submission deadlines, and absolute dedication to a job well done.

Whether you are looking for just a few perspectives or, as in this ArchViz for a complete delivery of 3d renderings and 3d walkthrough, you can be confident that we have enough experience to know how to develop your architectural project, strengthen your idea, surprise and convince to your future clients.

We always seek to reach out to the client, you will find in us facilities to see the changes that may arise in the project. During the stage of the 3d modeling process we made a series of preliminary shipments to facilitate enriching the project with the feedback that is produced.

We are in constant search and assimilation of the new technologies that allow to achieve the best balance between Quality + Price + Delivery Deadlines of the 3d Architectural Visualizations.

Finally, if thanks to the 3d Visualization we develop, you can reach a more elegant, optimal and efficient design, it is, without a doubt, a success for us.

Meet the 3d Architectural Visualization Services we offer

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